7 Amazing Secrets of the Livara Face and Body Soap

Several people have gotten hooked to Livara’s 100% natural shea butter based soap and cannot seem to get enough of it! Today, we share with you the 7 amazing secrets of the soap and give you reason to own this face and body treasure. Not only is this amazing soap made from shea butter, it is also home to castor oil and virgin coconut oil! These are oils that your face and bodies crave and now we let you in on the 7 Amazing Secrets of the Livara Face and Body Soap…

1. Treats Fungal Infection
Livara’s Face and Body soap contains castor oil which has strong fungicidal, germicidal and disinfectant properties thanks to the good amounts of Ricinoleic and Undecylenic acids. It is therefore not only very useful in treating microbial and fungal infections like ringworm, athlete’s foot and crotch itch, it is also effective against skin diseases and skin ulcers.
It is as effective as the azole drugs used to treat fungal infections, if not more, but without any of the toxic effects of the antifungal drugs.

2. Deeply Moisturizes Skin
The perfect blend of shea butter, castor oil and virgin coconut oil is great for dry skin. Castor oil’s high viscosity, shea butter’s deep penetration into the skin tissue, and virgin coconut oil’s skin soothing properties with ensure to balance out your skin oils as they leave the skin hydrated. These three oils combined, nourish the skin tissue with essential fatty acids. Say no to dry parched skin after a bath or washing!

3. Spot Treatment for Skin Problems
Acne, warts and skin tags that seem to appear for no apparent reason can be treated using Livara’s Face and Body Soap. While warts result from a viral infection, skin tags usually develop in areas where the skin gets rubbed constantly. Acne breaks out when there’s an overproduction of sebum in the skin gland, and it is often complicated by secondary microbial infections.

Daily use of the Livara Face and Body soap will ensure that most of these problems get resolved within one or two weeks. The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of shea butter, castor oil and virgin coconut oil may be responsible for this healing effect.

4. Treatment of Eczema
Shea butter is able to cure eczema because this revolutionary natural substance contains crucial ingredients, including rich emollients, fatty acids such as cinnamic acid, anti-oxidants such as vitamin E, and anti-inflammatory agents such as vitamins A. These amazing chemical components of shea butter target the underlying pathological processes that create eczema, and they address and remediate the unpleasant and unsightly surface results of this skin disease.

And since shea butter is the base for the Livara Face and Body soap, rest assured that the eczema will be treated.

5. Shaving Foam
The Livara Face and Body soap is not your typical soap that immediately dries up on your skin. No! This moisturizing soap, filled with shea butter, castor oil and virgin coconut oil provide a good base for you to get yourself a great shave.

After dabbing some water on the parts to be shaved, rub some of the soap over the area whilst adding some water until enough foam has formed. Gently slide over the blades of your razor (or shaving gadget) to get rid of the unwanted hairs. The skin-smoothing properties of shea butter, castor oil and the virgin coconut oil will leave your legs, under arms, chin, arms and tummy looking and feeling hydrated after the shave.

6. Make Up Removal
Ever heard of the saying that oil absorbs oil? Oh yes, to get rid of all those stubborn make up oils, even waterproof mascara, look no further than the Livara face and body soap. Dab some water onto your face and then rub the soap on your hands to lather up. Massage deeply on your face, gently sweeping over your eyes, paying attention to your under-eyes as well.
The oils in the soap easily break down the waxy inky eye makeup, foundations and even powders while leaving your delicate face hydrated too. When you are done with the lathering, continue to wash your face fully with the soap as it puts into effect its cleansing properties.

7. Treats Babies with Colic

“Most babies go through a phase of crying uncontrollably due to colicky pain sometime in the first few months of life. But the exact reason of colic is not known. It could be due to gas, abnormal spasms, or obstructions in the still developing gastrointestinal tract. Whatever the reason, castor oil and virgin coconut oil seem to provide relief where many oral medications fail to.” [Natural Living Ideas]

The soap should be moistened with some water be applied externally on the abdominal area and gently rubbed in. Then using a soft lukewarm cloth, the soap is then rubbed off. It is not clear whether it is the analgesic property of the oils or their soporific effect at work here, but most babies seem to get quick relief and sound sleep soon after the application.

Now that you have the 7 Secrets of the Livara Face and Body Soap, grab yourself a bar and start off your journey to great healthy skin!


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