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Why Livara’s Tsavorite Product Line with Guava Leaf Extracts is Great for Hair Growth

For many centuries, we have enjoyed eating the tasty tropical guava fruit. Scientifically classified as Psidium Guajava, the guava fruit is found on the guava tree which grows almost everywhere the eye can see here in Uganda and in other tropical countries. The guava fruit and the guava tree leaves are full of many vitamins, […]

Meet Claire Tumuhaise – The First Livara Franchise Owner

Ambition, passion and self-drive do not discriminate. They do not have an age limit, neither do they have a sex preference. They know not your background but can steer your present and future to heights only you can experience along the journey. When Claire Tumuhaise approached Livara at the beginning of July and inquired about […]

Seven Foods That Are Believed to Make Hair Grow Faster

Whether it’s out of desperation to reset a cut gone bad or just the desire to try out a new look, you’ve probably been compelled to search for how to make your hair grow faster at one point or another—and you know by now that not everything on the good old internet actually works. However, […]

Tips to Help You Easily Transition to Natural Hair

First of all we welcome you on this fun and awesome hair journey and we are glad you are making the healthier choice for your hair. Transitioning to natural hair is a simple process. Well, for starters we were born with our natural hair in all its glory and as such, we are simply going […]

Dandruff: Causes and Remedies

A lot has been mentioned about dandruff: causes and remedies alike. There is not one specific cause of dandruff and for sure no specific remedy that works for all cases of dandruff. But for starters, here are some facts: Fast Facts about Dandruff: 1. Looks like flour on your scalp 2. Dandruff is more common […]