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Why You Need to Tone Your Face with Apple Cider Vinegar

A skin toner is used after your face has been washed with a cleansing soap or a specialized facial cleanser. Technically, a toner removes any extra dirt or oil remaining after the face has been washed and cleansed and also improve the facial colour balance. There are several additives added to toners to enhance their […]

Managing Uganda’s Heat this January

Temperature as high as 35˚C (95˚F) in Kampala is something unheard of before. A new phenomenon we have been forced to forge a way around. This scorching heat has not only burnt the crops in our gardens but is literally causing damage to our bodies too. Not to mention the discomfort of walking about town […]

7 Amazing Secrets of the Livara Face and Body Soap

Several people have gotten hooked to Livara’s 100% natural shea butter based soap and cannot seem to get enough of it! Today, we share with you the 7 amazing secrets of the soap and give you reason to own this face and body treasure. Not only is this amazing soap made from shea butter, it […]

Would You Change Your Physical State to Please Your Partner?

“I bleach because i want to find a man who loves me.” “I bleached because he preferred her to me and so i had to become like her to get him back.” “I got bigger boobs because he prefers them big.” “Nze anjagala nga ndi brown ne bina eddene.” [He likes me brown with a […]

Pimples, Scars, Stretch Marks, and Baldness – You Are A Masterpiece

Life is a like a river bed, a channel through which the waters of the river flow. Some places are bumpy, some are smooth, some are flat and almost still while others are rocky and fast flowing; some are deep and some are shallow. Just like the river bed is different for each river, so […]