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Livara’s founder, Nsimenta, featured in The Observer

Maxima Nsimenta, Livara’s founder and CEO was recently featured in Uganda’s The Observer newspaper. Find out more about the person of Nsimenta, the brain behind Livara. Also included is a brief about why Livara came to be. Below is the link to the feature story on The Observer page: Nsimenta curves Niche in Beauty Industry

How Your Habits can Affect Your Skin

Every morning when you awake, every night before you go to bed, every visit to the ladies (or gents), you take a glance at your face and you either smile or you ponder. The smile is often because you are proud of what you see or you are excited about that thing you are just […]

MUGISHA – Your Skin Lover

“I have been using VIRGIN coconut oil for some time and I always get compliments on my skin…….given my age! I use it on my face as a mask and on my body as a butter/mousse. I make my own mixture!” Mugisha’s story began with that and the bond was sealed with this: “Maybe we […]

Why Livara

Livara. Why the name Livara? What does it mean? How come Livara? I must say that coming up with a unique name for a brand in which you believe is not the easiest of tasks. Our naming journey lasted a period of 3 days in which my sister, Theresa Karungi and me (Maxima Nsimenta) repeatedly […]

Livara showcases at the Bride and Groom Expo 2015

Livara showcased at the annual Bride and Groom Expo 2015. The expo brings together East Africa’s top wedding service providers who come together to showcase the latest trends in the wedding industry. For the sixth year running, the Bride & Groom Expo provides several opportunities for exhibitors and guests to learn from the several free bridal workshops […]