Meet Claire Tumuhaise – The First Livara Franchise Owner

Ambition, passion and self-drive do not discriminate. They do not have an age limit, neither do they have a sex preference. They know not your background but can steer your present and future to heights only you can experience along the journey.

When Claire Tumuhaise approached Livara at the beginning of July and inquired about acquiring a retail franchise for Kampala, we were initially surprised. We listened to her. A few days later when she went a step further and showed us her preferred location for her first shop, then it hit us that she was downright serious. We went ahead and did our due diligence and are going to open the first franchised Livara store this Saturday 20th August 2017. Shop B24 in the Basement of Kampala Boulevard on Kampala Road is where Livara’s second home is going to be!
Claire has inspired our team at Livara so much such that we have to share her story with you. We are not only humbled, impressed and honoured but we have really felt the love from Claire Tumuhaise and this love is generally the same from the ever growing Livara family. Here’s her interview

Livara: Claire, Claire, Claire! Who is Claire Tumuhaise? Tell us about you
CT: [She chuckles] I am a Christian and the first born of four siblings. Unfortunately my dad passed on but my mum is still here with us. I am 27 years old and still growing. I have a beautiful one and a half year old daughter, Karen, and her dad and I are happy and blessed to have a growing family of our own.

Livara: 27 years only? Wow! So, what do you do?
CT: I am an accountant with Excel Forwarders and Transportation Company. We clear goods here in Kampala, at Busia and in Mombasa. I learnt most things about accounting on the job. I have a Diploma in Human Resources from MTAC.

Livara: Amazing! This goes to show that if one is willing to learn and do something, they can always go ahead and do it. Here comes the big question: How did you hear about Livara and do you use our products?
CT: Early this year, my younger sister told me about the Livara hair products that she was using and how they were working for her. She advised me to try them out. I have always had thin hair which breaks a lot and well, I have always complained about it to my family. I had tried so many products before but nothing seemed to solve my problem and my sister knew that. After her recommendation, I got myself the basic hair set: the Sapphire Moisturizing Shampoo, Sapphire 2in1 Deep Conditioner and Leave In Treatment and the Emerald Hair Butter. After using them for one month, I realised that my hair had become thicker and the breakage was less. I was happy.

I then decided to try out their facial products because ever since I gave birth, I have had this bad case of pimples and I wanted to use something natural to help me. My skin cleared! The cleanser and toner have really worked for me.

Livara: We are so happy for you! So, is that why you decided to acquire a Livara franchise?
CT: Partly but it was not the main reason. When I googled about Livara, I read about Maxima Nsimenta, the founder. She quit her UGX 30m job to start a business in a field she was not perfect in but doing what she loves. I was inspired by her. I enjoy doing business. I have started many side businesses before, including a mobile money kiosk but I had to stop them because I was being robbed by employees. I did not have systems in place yet I had to work.

You know this Kampala! I have a daughter, a family and my steady income helps to support but I wanted to do more yet I cannot quit my job but I have some savings.

I looked at the Livara profile and I liked it. I have used the products and they have worked for me. It is a company started by a Uganda woman who is supporting our people. I really wanted to be part of it because they have systems in place and I can work even when the shop is working. So I prayed about it for a long time. When I finally got the courage, I approached Maxima and told her my plans. She listened, was encouraging and she said that we can work something out.

A week passed and she had not got back in touch. I thought maybe she thought I was joking. I went and looked for a place in town. I wanted a nice place but I had my small budget of savings so the place had to fit in my pocket. And then, because it had to look like the Livara shop, I made sure that whatever I find had to fit the standards. I’m lucky I found a good shop at the Kampala Boulevard basement. I bargained for a whole day until the agreed with my ka budget. Then I called Maxima again and asked her to come see the shop. I was so happy when she came that same day to see the shop and since then, we have worked together to make proper documentation and a partnership agreement. Even my workers have been trained!

I am very glad and proud to be the first Livara franchise owner. The second Livara store will open on 20th August 2017 at Shop B24 in the Basement of Kampala Boulevard on Kampala Road.

Livara: Wow! We are truly inspired by your ambition and drive. What is your advice to people out there?
CT: My fellow women and men out there, if you want something go for it. Do not let one failure or even a few, stop you from progress.
I have been robbed before and my businesses failed but I did not give up. I have always wanted to start a business but I also have to work. My past failures have made me wiser and this is why I had to make sure that I work with a company that has proper systems in place and I am sure that what they have actually works. The Livara products speak for themselves.

And pray. Mukama ono mulungi. Nimurungi. Fight your battles on your knees as you work hard.
And lastly, starting this Saturday on 20th August 2017 come to Shop B24 in the Basement of Kampala Boulevard on Kampala Road. The Livara shop is open!

Livara: [Chuckles] For sure! Why not?! Thank you Claire and we wish you the very best in your business! #VivaLivara


  1. Brenda

    OMG…that’s my og in shimoni… I have also thot of outlet upctry but the dime is a challenge… Hpy 4 u Clair

  2. Clare

    Oooh what a relief for some of us who find it hard to access the Kololo Livara shop. Thanks Clare for the Endeavor and may God bless your business. I only started Using Livara products yesterday i am looking forward to having a lovely skin like yoz.


    Thank you everyone.
    I am anxious about the future of Livara.
    I promise Livara to do my very very best along the Journey.

  4. Joy

    Finally, we shall now have a shop in Kampala, count on me as one of your regular customers. I am waiting

  5. Elizabeth

    I’m proud of you baby girl and wish you all the best.I can’t wait to try your hair products!

  6. jemimah

    My sister loves the livara products.I am inspired to try them out my self.Especially for my skin.Good job team livara.Best wishes.

  7. viola.A

    Wow! it feels good to read all the positive energy from those who are already using the product , I also bought my first natural hair package yesterday after a friend referred me , can’t wait to see all this amazing changes on my hair.Looking forward to getting another package for my skin as well.
    I will be your Customer @ CT and thank you for the great mind

  8. annie

    wau good work ,i also bought some bar soap and shea butter body oil yesterday hope for the best,but madam Clair they did not advise me on the cleanser and i wanted but they told me to take the soap and shea butter only

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