Pimples, Scars, Stretch Marks, and Baldness – You Are A Masterpiece

Life is a like a river bed, a channel through which the waters of the river flow. Some places are bumpy, some are smooth, some are flat and almost still while others are rocky and fast flowing; some are deep and some are shallow. Just like the river bed is different for each river, so is life different for each person. No matter what blemishes or faults you may think you have: pimples, scars, stretch marks, and baldness – you are a masterpiece; fearfully and wonderfully made.

I like to focus on women for when you “Build a Woman, [you] Build a Nation.” Women’s bodies and emotions are as cyclical and seasonal as rivers with different moments characterizing the different points on the river bed. Due to the many different reasons, women’s faces may be attacked by pimples which then transform into black spots and scars due to the invasive pinching of the bumps. Then when they refuse to heal “immediately,” depression and lower self-esteem take over and the bumpy river bed drags on and on. Just because you got a full dose of pimples should not be the “end of your life”. At Livara, we receive several clients who cry fervently and are depressed about their pimples and “ugly faces.” We always advise them that pimples and scars are but for a season and we always start treating their journey to recovery by encouraging them to keep a positive attitude despite the momentary physical outlook.

Inner peace and happiness have always gone a long way in healing many of the things we would usually deem “unhealable.” It always starts with the inner you. You have to always remember that you are a masterpiece and one that is fearfully and wonderfully made. Yes, our physical outlook usually gives the first impression but when you open your mouth to speak or when somebody reads something about you and sees a creation you have made, the fierceness and beauty of your being goes a long way in explaining who you are that the small physical blemishes will have nothing on you.

So what if you have stretch marks? Maybe you got them because you were carrying a precious and beautiful child in your God given beautiful belly. So what if you’re getting bald? Maybe it is because you have lived a life so full of wisdom that your body’s best way of showing it is through your hair. Or may maybe you are not eating right and are not properly taking care of your hair. So what if you have pimples and scars? It shows you are growing and you have life – active life. Do you know how many people would give their all to have pimples and scars as their only worry?

Sure thing all those seemingly terrible blemishes and faults can be taken away naturally and sometimes with some medical help and expertise but they should be no reason whatsoever to make you feel any less of yourself. Worrying does not add a second to your life; it instead takes a way what would have been a moment of happiness from you. And happiness does add some valuable time to your life, at least that what we hope and believe.

So pimples, scars, stretch marks, and baldness – You Are A Masterpiece. That is our philosophy at Livara and even if all our natural shea butter products are made to effectively remove the physical blemishes, we insist that the river bed to happiness starts with your soul, your inner self. Believe you are a masterpiece and trust me, the pimples, scars, stretch marks and baldness “won’t have nothing on you.”


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    Good morning, I have pimples n spots which livara products can I use? Thanks

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