Baby Opal

Shea butter has been perfectly blended with our baby powder aroma to leave your baby moisturized and protected.

Baby Opal

Shea Baby Butter

50g – Shs. 15,000/=
250g – Shs. 35,000/=

More than any other gem, each opal is unique. No other stone has such rich and varied folklore. Opals are also the most delicate gems commonly worn.

Even more delicate than the opal are our babies and that is precisely why we have carefully blended our naturally healing and moisturizing Shea Butter with our Baby Powder fragrance. Baby Opal will leave your baby smelling powder fresh as the magical Shea Butter does its work.

Shea Butter is perfect for babies as it relies heat rash, eczema, itchy skin, troublesome insect bites and small skin wounds, all of which are very common baby problems.

Do your baby’s skin a favor, treat it right with Baby Opal.

Pure Unrefined Shea butter, Beeswax, Baby Powder Fragrance

Give your baby a fun chuckle-filled bath. Don’t forget to laugh with the baby – I hear this makes the Shea Butter work even better!!! Pat the baby dry.
Gently smooth Baby Opal over your baby, taking extra care over the elbows, knees, heels, under arms, neck and shoulder. Gently massage the body butter all over your baby until the skin is smooth and graceful as it should be.
Giggle a little bit with your baby and Voila! The job is done. It is recommended to apply Baby Opal at least twice a day to keep your baby refreshed.

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  3. Mafanikio

    This is very brilliant!! However I have not seen the condish and shampoo prices here, I would like to know their price tags too so that I can order some stuff!!

  4. belinda

    Hi,thanking vyou for the great effort. Baby opal is the best thing that I have come across for stubborn eczema. It is just baby’s skin is wonderfully beautiful. Hhhmmm I like.

  5. Kyosiimire Prossy

    I need anything to soften my baby’s hair… Send me some and thier prices,, thank you!

  6. Kyosiimire Prossy@gmail. com

    I’ll appreciate anything for my baby’s hair, I need it soft, thanks

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