Sapphire 2in1 Deep Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment

Livara’s Sapphire 2in1 Deep Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment offeres INSTANT softening, detangling and moisturizing for Natural and relaxed hair

Sapphire 2in1 Deep Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment

Great for children and adults

500ml – Shs. 45,000/=

Soft, healthy and moisturized hair is loved by all and Livara’s Sapphire 2in1 Deep Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment is specially crafted and designed create just that with INSTANT softening and detangling especially for hard and difficult to comb natural hair.

Vitamin C present in citrus fruits is known to be the most effective nutrient, which strengthens and stimulates hair growth. Regular dose of Vitamin C can improve your hair condition. Livara’s Sapphire 2in1 has an ample amount of citric acid which nourishes the scalp and hair with a sweet tingling effect.

Livara’s Sapphire 2in1 Deep Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment is packed with the best ingredients your hair would ever need: pure unrefined shea butter, virgin coconut oil, aloe vera, citric acid and olive oil. These five core ingredients (the Sapphire Combo5) together have the following benefits:

1. Best For Dry Hair:

The Sapphire Combo5 works effectively for frizzy, tangled and dry hair. With regular application, this 2in1 conditioner/treatment can heal damaged and dry hair to a large extent. You can also mix it with 2 parts water and create a spritz for daily application to your scalp and hair before styling.

2. Stops Hair Thinning:

Aloe vera contains enzymes that directly promote healthy hair growth. Also, its alkalizing properties can help bring the scalp and hair’s pH to a more desirable level, which can greatly promote hair growth.

Shea butter’s high moisturizing properties create a good environment for hair growth and strength.

3. Nourishes Hair:

Virgin coconut oil ans olive oil provide essential nutrients to your hair—giving you the hair of your dreams. The Sapphire Combo5 is deep penetrating and works its way to your hair roots work its nourishing magic from deep within.

4. Combat Dandruff:

Citric acid , found in the Sapphire Combo5, when rubbed on the scalp can help combat dandruff and improve blood circulation to the scalp. It is also a solution for other scalp disorders such as itching. Shea butter also has natural properties that help to combat dandruff and itching.

5. Hair Softener:

Livara’s 2in1 Deep Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment is the ultimate hair softener. We guarantee INSTANT softening for your hair which shall be left lustrous too.

6. Premature Graying:

Nowadays, premature grey hairs are common among teenagers, citric acid can help in keeping hair in its true form. Citrus acid can also help prevent balding. In addition to using Livara’s Sapphire 2in1, we encourage our clients to stock up on citrus fruits to enhance the benefits of citric acid.

7. Hair Fall Rescue:

The Sapphire Combo5 strengthens hair strands and so reduces hair breakage and fall. The strength is added right from the nourishment given at the roots straight up to the hair tips. The Sapphire Combo5 definitely adds muscle to your hair.

This is definitely the Deep Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment you need for your hair! What’s more? It is 2 in 1! You condition and treat your hair at the same time and with the option of doing it daily!

Aqua, Pure Unrefined Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Gel, Virgin Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Citric Acid, MonoPropylene Glycol, Cetyl Alcohol, Mineral Oil, Silicon Oil, Polysorbate 20, Parfum

Livara’s Sapphire 2in1 Deep Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment can be used both after a wash and also daily when styling hair. Since it is a leave-in treatment, it need not be washed out after application.
1. If hair is to be washed, wash it thoroughly otherwise ensure that the scalp and hair are clean before application.
2. Pour an ample amount of the 2in1 deep conditioner and leave-in treatment into your palm and rub your palms to spread it.
3. Gently massage onto scalp and in hair for at least 3 minutes
4. Set the hair
5. Sun dry or apply low heat of about 40DegC to dry. (This step is not necessary if hair is not just out of the washroom)
6. Comb (or not) and style hair as desired.

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  1. Rita

    I have extremely sensitive facial skin. Literally everything causes a break out.
    What, from your line, would you recommend? I am really desperate.
    Believe me I have tried almost every cream that is said to be for sensitive skin, but have had to throw it all in the trash.

    • Livara

      Hi Rita. I’m sorry to hear about that. The product i’d recommend for really sensitive skin would be Mugisha. Please get in touch with me on 0779114334. I’d like to also put you in touch with our doctors for further review. Thank you.

  2. Liah

    Of Mugisha And Imperial Jade Which One Works Best On Face To Remove Pimples And Oluyinjayinja.Thanks

  3. Scovie

    Hello Livara. A friend told me that you have a good hair shampoo. However, I am not seeing it among your products. Is it also in shops? If so, where can I buy it from?

    Please edit how to use Sapphire Hair Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment. The instructions you have provided do not relate to the product.

  4. Scovie

    Hello Livara,
    A friend told me that you have good hair shampoo. However, it is not listed among your products. If available, please advise me of the shops where I can buy it from.

    Also, edit how to use Sapphire Hair Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment.

  5. desire

    hello livara,my baby had eczema all over her body,but ur baby cream has done wonders,everything is almost gone,within a short time.thank u and God bless u.

  6. Monix Akiiki

    How much is Mugisha?? I nid it for my face, I need to look nice. I hav pimples….and scars frm pimples. Dont like it at all

  7. leah

    Hello livara! Between Mugisha and chocolate shea butter what’s the best for my face full of pimples and scars?

  8. Phiona

    My daughters hair was treated with chemicle for adults and its really breaking and cutting makes her cry what product would you recommend?

    • Livara

      Oooohhhh. So sorry about that Phiona. We do have the Jadeite Kids line of hair products for children. They should help her stop the itching and strengthen her hair. Plus the Emerald Hair Butter.

  9. Florence

    Hello livara,I appreciate your services
    how much is the sapphire 2in1 deep conditioner and leave-in treatment plus the shampoo for specifically natural hair (Small size)?

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