The Pearl Acne Fighting Skin Toner

Reduction of breakouts, bruise fading, natural, organic with great antibacterial properties: reasons why you need to use The Pearl Acne Fighting Skin Toner

The Pearl Acne Fighting Skin Toner

Smooth, Soft and Tender

UGX 35,000/-

There is no reason why you need to continue struggling with your skin day in, day out yet there are some perfectly natural and organic ingredients. Many times we miss out on simple ways of clearing our skins in order to get an even tone and get rid of the brown/black patches without bleaching. Toning our skins is one essential part of beauty therapy. A skin toner is used after washing your face with a cleansing soap or a specialized cleanser.

There are several types of toners: there are those for dry skin, those for oily skin, those for adult skin, those for younger skin, and then there are those that do not discriminate. The non-discriminating toners usually have natural ingredients like lemon, cucumber, rose water, chamomile tea, milk, apple cider vinegar, honey, mint, aloe vera, glycerine, etc…

Of all the natural ingredients available for toning the skin, we at Livara have selected and believe that apple cider vinegar is one of the best skin toners because of its versatility and availability. The many uses of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) are ancient and well known. Anyone can replace his or her daily cleaning, beauty, and cooking items with apple cider vinegar and make their lives more healthy and chemical free. The Pearl Acne Fighting Skin Toner is a must have in your daily skin routine. A lotion type natural and organic moisturizing skin toner, The Pearl Acne Fighting Skin Toner shall not only help you fight acne but will also leave your skin colour balanced and evenly toned without bleaching you.

Because a toner unclogs pores, it is not wise to use it and immediately head out into the sun. It is always important to use a good moisturizer with sun screen to protect the unclogged pores before heading out in the morning. At night, it is always best to tone one’s skin and leave the pores unclogged before going to bed. This enhances healing of the skin. Light moisturizing creamy or lotion type toners are best for this purpose and is also why The Pearl Acne Fighting Skin Toner is a lotion type toner.

The Pearl Acne Fighting Skin Toner will help you:
1. Reduce breakouts and balance your skin pH
2. Fade bruising by evening your skin tone
3. Remove warts and tags
4. Remove stubborn Make-Up and mascara and also and prevents drying out
5. Recondition sunburned skin and reduce itching for irritated skin

Aqua, Apple Cider Vinegar, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Polysorbate 60, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Plant Glycerine, Sodium Benzoate

1. Cleanse and wash your face first
2. Pour a small amount on a ball of cotton
3. Evenly spread on your face and rub it on your face in circular motion
4. Repeat step 3 until the cotton ball remains clean
5. In the morning, apply a moisturizer with sunscreen after using The Pearl Acne Fighting Skin Toner. In the evening, do not apply anything after using it.
6. Do this daily to achieve that perfect skin

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    • Livara

      Yes it should help out with the black spots.

      We do have the Diamond Tones butter that helps remove stretch marks.

  1. Tina

    If am to use the pearl toner and cleanser, which one do I use first?

    The toner or cleanser. Thanx

  2. Claire

    Hello,I have a rough texture like Walt’s under my eyes, what’s the best product I can use to clear them

  3. Patricia

    I bought pearl cleanser and i was told after cleansing my face i should wash it first then apply the toner.

    Kindly help


    Hello am asking is there a livara product that can Help to reduce small open pores on my face ????

    • Livara

      We advise that you steam your face at least twice a week and get into the habit of cleansing and toning your face with our Pearl products. That should reduce the size of the pores back to normal

  5. Cheri

    Hi I have rushed all over my face and uneven skin tone . Can this help for both issues. The rushes tend to come out hen I stop using a certain lotion. However , I want to discontinue it. Is it okay for me to use this toner for the rashes and for evening my skin tone too ? Will the skin clear ? Thank you

  6. Cheri

    Hi please advise , there is a lotion I have been using but each time I discontinue I get rashes all over the face . And also uneven skin tone. Nonetheless I want to completely discontinue it . Will the toner help with the rashes and toning at the same time ?

    • Livara

      Have you checked to ensure that the lotion you use has no steroids? Because if it does have steroids, the condition will only get worse after you discontinue it.

      The Pearl Toner will definitely help with evening out your skin tone

  7. Christine

    I just started using the toner and it sort of burns on application then the burning stops after wards, is this burning thing normal? or I should discontinue

    • Livara

      The Pearl Toner contains apple cider vinegar which will sting a little especially if you apply it immediately after cleansing. The sting normally stops after a week of steady application.

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