We have created a philosophy of naming our products in line with the world’s rarest and most prized gemstones to always remind us of the rare jewel that each of us is.



Blended and packed with natural healing and moisturizing oils to soften and enrich every bit of your gorgeous body. Go ahead and rub it in!


Open the door to fabulous hair days! Packed with Ugandan butters and oils, and exotic essential oils to soften your hair, stop itching, stop dandruff, moisturise, shine and strengthen all sorts of hair.


Say hello to a gorgeous glow! Fresh and natural ingredients for a clean, younger, moisturized, even toned complexion. We are firm believers in using the power of nature to take your skin to higher levels of perfection.


At Livara, we believe that the body is a gem – a jewel that adorns our inner self. And so deserves the best care and treatment with fresh and natural ingredients to keep it as luminous as naturally possible


Even the infants need to have that fresh, itch-free skin that they naturally deserve. Gently rub them with our Baby Opal to protect their bodies from rash, eczema, itching, insect bites, ring worms and other skin infections. And you know what?! You can do all this naturally!